I think food should be simple to prepare and beautiful to taste.  The best quality, freshest ingredients you can get, cooked simply and with love will always taste amazing.

Every meal can be and should be special, not because it has taken you hours of work in the kitchen, but because what you cook demonstrates the love and care you have for the people who sit at your table.

Please try some of my recipes and tell me what you think. I’d love to hear from you.


buttermilk chicken1 square figs1 square carrot cake3 resized brie salad1 square baked meatballs1 square plum tart2 square resized welsh cakes2 resized lemon poundcake2 resized thyme salt2 square chocolate pudding2 square resized raspberryice1 square cornfritters4-square resized potato soup2 square resized ginger slice2 square pasta la vista1 square resized flourless chocolate cake square resized balsamic onion3 square mushrooms with polenta3 square avocado rocket2 square smashed peas1 square resized couscous3 square Caramel apples 1 square lime cheesecake1 square mushroom risotto1 square palmiers4 square2 resized blood orange2 resized grilled pears3 square resized zucchini with currants2 square resized salsa verde1 square Apricot crostata3 square lamb burger4 square nectarine salad4 square resized capsicum soup 1 square meusli1 square resized Tom pasta - pasta only square rhubarb3 square trusstomatoes5 square resized Gin jelly 2 resized square carrots2 resized square chocolate cake square Zucchini 2 resized square roasted capsicum1 square Potato pizza resized salted caamel pecans square resized apple salad1 square Apricots 4 square resized Asparagus 1 square resized strawberries2 square Mango ice cream square  oranges with lime1 resized vege soup1 square lemon friands Rice 3 square resized salmon3 square resized blueberry muffins square resized beetroot4 square  Pumpkin soup - horizontal square pine nut muffins2 square Potato salad 2 square   Bruschetta - all from above avo square plums3 resized Lime curd2 square Mousse 1 resized square potatoes 3 resized Bruschetta - all from side resized square peanut biscuits4a square  sweet chilli sauce square Tzatziki - from above square resized shortbread4 resized square peach salad3 square resized recipes resized square grilled eggplant3 square sesame snap4 square blueberries square resized Cranberry loaf 1 square Ginger chicken 2 square crumble1 resized square Pumpkin fetta and pine nuts 1 square apple water3 square

All the recipes and photos on this blog are licensed under a Creative Commons CC-BY-NC licence. This means you are free to use them, as long as it is not for commercial purposes, and you need to attribute Margaret Warren (recipes) and/or Andrew Warren (photos) as the creator.

6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Margaret you have a great blog here. I need to take the time to look it over more. The photos are displaying great food creations you have made, all look yummy.

    Thanks as well for following Splendid Recipes and More.

    I look forward to more from Simple Food!! ;)


  2. Hi Margaret,
    May I ask what feature (or process steps) you use to make uniform tiles of your recipe/photos, as you have done on this post, in which a person can click on to go to the recipes. I have a ‘Recipe Index’ in which I use the ‘Create Gallery’ feature, which takes you to the recipe by only clicking on the captions. I have used ‘Thumbnail Grid’ feature, but only get 3 photos per row, which is not enough and they don’t come out uniformly.
    I would appreciate it if you would instruct me on this. If you do not want to take space here to do so, please respond to me through my ‘Contact’ page and delete this message as well.
    I thank you in advance for your kindness. Fae.

    • Thanks so much Sandra. It’s taken me a little while to find time to do what’s required in accepting the award. LOts of fun thinking up questions and searching out the newish, smallish blogs I enjoy following. margaret

  3. These pictures are so fresh and colorful! I will try the Tzatziki soon for sure. I, too, would like to find my inner Greek ;) I bet it’s fantastic with souvlaki on the side…

    • Thanks so much. Glad you like my blog. Love yours too! Let me know how you get on if you try out some of my recipes. I love to hear about it. margaret

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